• 19 Feb 2016

    The University of Management and Technology (UMT, US) provides graduate and undergraduate degree programs

    The University of Management and Technology (UMT), chartered by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV), is a private university located in downtown metropolitan area in the Washington D.C. of Virginia State, USA.

    UMT provides graduate and undergraduate degree programs and professional development programs to American and international students in modern management and technology areas.

UMT - Master of Business Administration (MBA)

UMTs campus is located in proximity to the White House and Pentagon building.  The University is accredited by the Distance Education accrediting Commission (DEAC, www.deac.org), an accrediting body listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission was founded in 1926 and it is the only accreditation body that authorized to accredit universities and schools offering programs outside the United States far from its US based campuses.

UMT promotes and delivers online education globally. The following programs are registered with local education authorities. 

DBA, MBA and BBA programs are registered in Hong Kong and approved by Hong Kong Education Bureau  www.edb.gov.hk/en

DBA (registration no.: 261996)
MBA (registration no.: 261825)
BBA (registration no.: 261639)


Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

The program promotes learning to synthesize the principles and practices of management within a technology-driven world. Course content reflects current business practice in best-of-class organizations. UMT’s knowledge of current practice comes from its close ties with leading edge companies and government agencies. Courses balance nurturing of an appreciation for the role of theory in effective management with practical, how-to insights.

While the emphasis on the program is directed toward managing in a technology-driven world, management basics that apply to all business operations are covered. The program provides an ethical and legal foundation for the student’s behavior in commerce and it gives the student insights into recognizing inappropriate behavior in others. It imbues the student with detailed knowledge of managing both projects and operations. It describes how effective managers lead—how they make decisions to motivate others and how they organize efforts to tap into human capabilities most effectively.

For more information, please visit "Programmes and Services" or email to admin@sf.edu.hk 



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