• 03 Jan 2016

    Certified Financial Consultant, by AICFC

    First Intake Class 2016 (January to March)
    Certified Financial Consultant (CFC, USA)


Coming Spring Program starting from January to March 2016


Target group:

- People who work in the financial industry; for instance, banking, insurance, investment, securities, and wealth management, and people who are engaged in business consultancy

Main Focus:

- Both Theory and Practical Case Study to upgrade the risk management analysis and ability.


**NEW 2016 CFC Schedule

First intake for 4 Modules (from January to March 2016):

*7 January, 21 January (changed to 4 February, 2016)  (Thurs)

*4, 25 February 2016    (Thurs)

*10, 24 March 2016      (Thurs)

*7 April 2016                 (Thurs)

Evening class starts from 7:00pm to 9:30pm

**Final Examination to be announced (all modules)


*Classes & Examinations will be in weekends or/and weeknights;

*Course includes a total of 4 modules;

*Duration for 2-3 months of total 40 hours (including examination)


Course Details:

Module 1 - Financial Statements Interpretation & Analysis

Module 2 - Practical Corporate Finance

Module 3 – Personal Financial Planning & Consulting

Module 4 - Investment & Risk Management


Enquiry: pls contact 2581-3880 or email to info@aicfc.org


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